Saturday, September 24, 2011

Edgar Martins "The Time Machine"

I passed the Wapping Project at Bankside gallery (near Tate Modern) last Tuesday and noticed an opening being held so I popped in to have a look. Inside I saw these very interesting and curious hangings, and once curious about something I have to find out more. The exhibition is titled "The Time Machine" by Edgar Martins, and the pictures are of hydro electric plants built in 1970s Portugal, Martin's home country. Now while a hydro plant doesn't sound very sexy, these images are very cool, they really draw you in. The first thing that hit me was the sheer scale of these plants and then after taking in the colors, the stairwells, the machinery and from another era analog dials I suddenly realized, there are no people in these pictures, and that's what makes these images work for me. An absence of people in the pictures gave me a sense of wondering, who operates these things, how big is this place, what does this do and that do and on and on and that's what I loved about these pictures. I also felt a sense of peering into a world I would never ordinarily get to see, kind of like when you peer into the pilot's cockpit of a jetliner when the cockpit door is open and wished you could sit up front.

The gallery space is small which means it is an ideal place to bring a date, this way you get to enjoy great works, and not be overwhelmed by too much to look at. I prefer to look at a few pieces and take my time, that way I actually get a sense of the artist's work and can actually remember what I saw. An added bonus, there are great bars and restaurants nearby.

My take on "The Time Machine" by Edgar Martins , go see this exhibition.

Where The Wapping Project Bankside 65a Hopton Street
When from 21 September to 5 November 2011
Hours 10-6

I have deliberately not included any of the artist's images in this post as these pictures should be seen in person.

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