Friday, April 6, 2012

Nikon D7000 is here!

At last the wait is over, after months of research, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, articles and comparisons I finally settled on the D7000 and picked it up the other day. Unpacking the camera was a treat and after the obligatory inaugural shots, I settled into read the manual. Wow, a LOT of information and to be honest, intimidating. But that's half the adventure, I won't bore with manual only to say it is a must read and not just once either. I aim to read at least 3+ times, there is so much and I am a believer in knowing as much as you can about whatever it is you are embarking on.

So first shots? This weekend is the 158th Oxford-Cambridge boatrace, #theboatrace so I headed down to the river this afternoon as it's on my doorstep. First impressions, this camera feels really solid, good to hold and controls fall easy to hand. I took the following pics.

1 f/8 1/250s ISO 100 auto (no flash)
2 f/7.1 1/400s ISO 100 shutter priority
3 f/8 1/640s ISO 100 shutter priority
4 f/10s 1/250 ISO 100 auto (no flash)

These are just a few of many, my fave is the 3 boats, their names came out really cleanly. Let me know what you think and any tips are always appreciated.

Until next time...

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